Looking 4 sumthing?

…. what now?

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Me Gusta - Romantic

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Minesweeper Rage


Who plays Minesweeper anyway?

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There’s no safe place to do homework.

Trying to do homework on your bed

Trying to do homework at your desk

Trying to do homework in the Kitchen.

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The Shut-in Princess Story



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Me And MrHyde: 13 Alasan Wanita



1. Semua yang tutup aurat, kompom masuk syurga ke? -Yang pasti, tak tutup aurat, kompom masuk neraka.

2. Tudung labuh pun macam baik sangat. Buat dosa jugak. Mengumpat orang. -Bila Iblis tak mahu ikut perintah Allah untuk bersujud kepada Adam, dia menyalahkan perintah Allah itu….

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Crown3DS, ostensibly the first working 3DS flashcart. Like the PassMe and PassCard solutions that appeared in the DS’s early homebrew days, this isn’t the most elegant solution in its current, presumably non-final state.

3DS owners have been able to run updated flashcarts on their handhelds for some time now, but only in DS mode, which doesn’t have access to much of the 3DS hardware. Though this new Crown3DS team has figured a way to get into the 3DS mode, it’s unfortunate they’ve skipped over homebrew and gone straight to commercial games.

At the moment, the device can only run one commercial ROM, and a crappy one at that: Splinter Cell 3D. The group intends to dump more 3DS games, run more tests, fix bugs in the cart, and increase its ROM compatibility.

Because the Crown3DS is not yet on sale and unavailable to the public, it’s unclear whether Nintendo can to block this device with a future 3DS update (the cart runs on the latest v2.1.0-4 firmware). The company has made efforts to keep 3DS/DSi piracy from reaching the problematic levels experience with the DS, releasing regular firmware updates, some of which increase anti-flashcart security.

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Trollface - The Reward

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